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In 2002 a few of us managed to get together via Friends Reunited, since when the numbers have grown. We initially met up in Richmond where Richard Beattie kindly offered to host lunch. We then went on to have dinner a few months later in Bromley it was wonderful seeing so many turn up, of course no one had changed in the slightest!! Since when we have managed several London walks followed by copious amounts of wine, a trip to Greenwich, the London Eye and dinner at mine in the country.

Those so far that have been in contact are David Canham, Chris Ely, Roland Coombes, Maxine Davies, Linda Mackie, Jill Trelease, Sue Hyde, Kevin Gilbert, Richard Beattie, Kevin Ball, Diane Harding, Neil Baird, Pamela Harvey, Roger Eastoe, Graham Pankhurst, Graham Martin and Gill Langford.


Malcolm Parker sent in the attached 1963 class photo. Can you put names to faces? E-mail Graham Martin through via our Contact Us page.

As this page has only just opened we would appreciate all the assistance and guidance from fellow Old Clarkonians to widen both our content as well as former attendees.

To open the "batting" Graham Martin, who attended between 1962 - 1968, is contacting former pupils who, we hope, will start communications via this website, making these pages both interesting and amusingly nostalgic. Please contact Graham via our Contact Us page.


John Towler

I moved to the USA in 1979 and I'm now living in Seattle, so have lost touch with most of the students at Catford. I still exchange Christmas cards with one ex-student, I'll ask him if he kept in touch with anyone.

As for photographs there may be some still at my Dad's house, but it's been a while, I'll check next time I'm in England.

I also have somewhere a whole bunch of "City & Guild's", and "London Chamber of Commerce" certificates which are historically interesting but of little other use even though we were encouraged to keep taking the exams.

A couple of years ago I stopped by the old school in Catford, the building was still there but the neighborhood had changed, unfortunately not for the better as far as I could tell.

My father lives in Bromley, not far where Clark's was, so I often drive by and it brings back memories.

I've also tried searching using face book, and other such tricks alas to no avail, until I heard from you, so I guess not all is lost yet.

I still have my old school cap with a tassel, much to my children's amusement.

One of the most horrifying memories I have is the apparent chain smoking which nearly all the teachers seemed to practice, unbelievable in to-day's world, it's amazing we didn't all become hooked on nicotine..

John Towler


Kenneth Sheehan (Catford 1945 - 47)

I attended the Catford commercial form between 1945/47 taken by Mr Wills (who became headmaster) and Miss Glover. I also recall Mr Fairley and Miss Bullloch. The commercial class comprised of three boys, namely Ken Ford, Alan Penney, (unfortunately both now deceased) and myself, with the girls more interested in shorthand typing than concentrating on accountancy. Hopefully some of the girls are still around and it would be great to make contact again.

The matriculation class was all boys and here too there could be some survivors. We had a particularly fine soccer team which I was pleased to skipper playing amongst other schools most of the Clark's Colleges in the London area. Two matches against Clark's Ilford particularly remain in my memory as being keenly fought with the result favouring the home side on both occasions. Incidentally, my business career was spent in the drinks industry based in various parts of the U.K before retiring to Hove.

Kenneth Sheehan


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