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Gillian Younger (c1953-57)

Born in 1941, I was a student at Clark’s in Cricklewood from 11-16. Why the extra year? I ended up doing the Commercial courses, in which I did very well, and my teacher actually wanted me to become a teacher of the subjects I had learned. My response? "If you think I want to spend my working life teaching a bunch of kids such as us, you have to be joking!"

Apparently I was so good at those subjects that the Headmaster at the time (whose name I cannot remember) persuaded my parents to allow me to continue for a year in his office, seemingly to gain office experience. Not sure I was happy about that, but was very afraid of my violent bully of a father so said nothing. Fortunately I learned how to stand up for myself in later years...

One of our teachers was a Mr Hare, rather an 'interesting' character who unfailingly wore his mortar board. Can't remember which was his subject - maybe English?. I'm also unable to recall the name of my teacher in Commercial subjects. Got GCEs, though, and became a first-class secretary.

English grammar, including correct spelling has always been my thing. Have done a great deal of proof reading and editing over the years - and, by the way, 'Australia' is misspelt on the front page of existant Clark’s Colleges (!).

I'm really keen to know whatever information you may have about Cricklewood branch and other attendees of Clark’s during those years. It'd be great to meet up with some old classmates. I do remember the names of a few students in my year, if this would be of any use to you.

In case it might be of assistance, I remember the name of my first boyfriend, who was in my class: Michael Silver, who lived not far from Brondesbury Park, NW6. I didn't have a 'best friend', so can't add any names to the list. A cousin of mine (Michael) Peter Phillips, of Gardiner Avenue, NW2, was also at the school, but was older than me.

I do of know of course that the school closed down although I don't know when. Suffice to say that one day, long ago, driving down the Edgware Road towards Kilburn, saw the whole site was then occupied by what appeared to be private housing.

Gillian (often known then as Gaye) Angela Younger


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