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Kathy Fisher

My name is Kathy Leonard (nee Fisher). I attended Clark’s in Ealing from 1959 to 1964. I was in Walpole House. It was lovely to come across your website and especially to see the old photo of the Ealing branch as this and I suspect many other branches have long been knocked down. Also the history was very interesting and explains why we spent so much time doing handwriting lessons and took part in inter-branch competitions – you can’t image that happening today.

I spent the last two years at Clarks in the commercial section where Mr Griffths taught us shorthand, accounts etc. and in the afternoon the school secretary taught us typing. I fondly remember the old typewriters where we covered the keys with a sheet of paper. Some days we typed to music – which was a wind-up one! Mr Griffiths had a couple of favourite sayings – one was “never wish a minute of your life away” and also he was always going to give you a “putty medal”? I still have a couple of books that were prizes for Top Girl (this was quite easy as the classes were very small!!)

I kept in touch with Mr Griffiths as I think he retired at the same time that I left the school. He moved down to Worthing with his wife, and a friend from school (Diana Fenton) and I went down one day to visit them.

I also remember Miss Wylie the Scottish French teacher? And, of course Mr Carter the very handsome Commerce teacher who drove a snazzy sports car. Very happy days – although I have never been able to wear maroon since – 5 years was enough!

Kathy Fisher


Pamela Goddard

My name is Pamela Evans (nee Goddard), and I went to Clark’s College, Ealing from 1952 to 1956. I was in Lammas House.

I made some very good friends whilst there and am still in touch with two: Ann McAlister and Sheila Ball.

I enjoyed my time there, and played tennis for the house. We used to go to Gunnesbury Park on a Wednesday for netball/football in the winter, and tennis/cricket in the summer.

I remember our first Head was a Mr. Clarke whom we used to call "Cuthbart"!; Mr. Griffin who taught maths and had a wooden leg. He used to sit on a desk whilst teaching and swing this leg and it used to squeak!!

I attended Clark’s because my parents wanted me to learn shorthand and typing which was the "in thing" then. Mind you, it has stood me in very good stead over the years. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Pamela Evans


Anne Long

I have just come across your site and thought I would send you my memories. My name is Anne Collins, nee Long and I attended Clark’s College, Ealing from 1951 to 1954 and was in Cleveland House. I started off in Miss Wolfe’s class. Mr Caine was the headmaster then. I remember Mrs Nettle who taught French. I also remember Mr Griffin who had a wooden leg and appeared to dye his hair. When Mr Caine left we had a headmaster who was connected with the C of E church. but I can’t remember his name. When he left we had a headmaster called Mr Savage. We used to go Ealing swimming baths for swimming lessons and PE. I have two pictures of pupils (about a yard in length). We used to go to Gunnersbury Park for tennis, but not being a sporty person, did not enjoy this. I enjoyed my time at Clark’s and found the shorthand, typing and booking stood me in good stead for future employment.

I remember Pamela Goddard, Ann McAlister who was very friendly with a girl called Hazel (can’t remember her surname) and Sheila Ball.

Anne Collins


Peter Steer

My sister and I were pupils at the Ealing branch from September 1939 to 1940. We were then evacuated to the country but returned in 1941. Unfortunately I do not remember my teachers name when I first started except she was an elderly lady. My other teachers were Miss Harriet, Mr. Rolls and sometimes a Mr. Hill. The headmaster at this time was either a Mr. Cane or Mr. Hughes. I enjoyed my stay at Clarks and left in 1944 and entered the field of engineering. I emigrated to Canada with my family in 1961 and live in Toronto Canada.

So, if anyone out there remembers those years and would like to correspond I would be most happy to reply. Also if anyone can suggest how I can purchase a school tie I would be much obliged.

Peter Steer


John Webb

My name is John Webb I went to Ealing branch 1953 – 1957 . yes I remember Mr. Griffith also the English teacher we called Wally Mc fud because that is how he pronounced the word food & any one near him got wet.

My first teacher was Miss Wolf, our class room was at the side of the main building. It had folding partition doors so that with other class rooms they could be used as a hall. I still have the school photograph a very long panoramic one. In front of the main building was the play ground this was divided in half with a white line Girls had to stay at one side and the boys the other. However down one side was an air raid shelter where we could slip behind and meet.

One of my class mates was Max Bonner he went to Australia in about 1957.

Does any one remember the tuck shop when the freezer broke down & we all had free ice cream that summers day?

I hated going to Gunnersbury park for football because there was nowhere the get cleaned up before going home, I had to stand all the way home on the bus so as not get mud on the seat.

John Webb


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