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Glenda Bell (Finchley)

Hello from Canada:

Through Google I just stumbled upon the website and am excited to have found all the history of Clark's College and memories from ex-students.

My name is Glenda Saunders (nee Bell) and I attended the Finchley branch from 1945 to 1949. The first two years I took the general education program and the last two years the commercial certificate courses. After I graduated Mr. Savage recommended me for a position as Secretary to the Pathology Department at Barnet General Hospital where I happily worked until 1955 when I married and emigrated to Toronto. Since 1977 I have lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I remember Mr. Savage very well. He taught Math and English and used to quietly enter the classroom and if there was some chattering going on he would wrap his walking stick on the door or blackboard and we would all jump to attention. I think it was 1948 when there was an inter-branch handwriting contest. With his guidance all students practiced for weeks and we did manage to win.

I also remember Mr. Gross, Miss Chase (English and History) and Mr. Satler (French). Mrs. Morgan taught us Shorthand but I can't remember right now the names of the teachers for Typing and Bookkeeping. On Wednesday afternoons we had sports, the girls played netball in the winter and tennis in the summer.

Well, what an unexpected trip down memory lane this has been.

Glenda Bell


Dorienne Carmel, 1953-1961. (North Finchley)

I for some unknown reason decided to look up my old School Clarks College North Finchley on Facebook which led me to you.

My 1st teacher was a Miss Densham was a look alike of the mother in the film Psycho.! Very tall skinny and with a bun. I saw her in Golders Green years later and rushed out to say hello but she had disappeared !

From her class which was right by the playground door I went to the class across the playground upstairs I think the teacher was a Scottish woman ?.

I remember a small chubby Mr Downs Religious Knowledge who spent most of the lesson sleeping but would wake up all of a sudden and throw the blackboard rubber at whoever the unsuspecting pupil was ! Usually me ! Art Teacher Miss Arbede. Who I once reduced to tears.!!

The maths teacher I remember his face but his name eludes me ? He had a small beard ?

I remember also a very nice looking male French teacher (not his name though) I came top in the class in French till he left and was replaced by a woman (no name? I then came 32nd !! Of course Mr Ansell Salvage who was always very nice to me even though I was quite often to be found outside his office .

My class that I remember most of all was the Rotunda where morning prays where held and also the large room opposite with a large fireplace .Some of the people I remember:

Patricia Cox / Vivian Blake / Jennifer Class / Sandra Gold / John Goldie / Michael Kluman / Michael Presser ( committed suicide) Gillian Presser / Jennifer Stoller / Rosylyn Gimack / Tyrol Leslie and her twin sister who was a bit stupid / Andrew ? / Richard ? / Rosemary ? / Susan Jason or Jasons there must be loads more as our class had at least 30 pupils in it and given a nudge I might remember more but that’s all I know at the moment. I can remember some more faces but not the names.

I think I was around 7 years old when I first started so that would be from 1953 to 1961. I think there was a head boy Martin Sinclare ?

Jackie Gershinson is another person I know went to our school but she was older than in a class with my old brother Brian.

Other memories are going to the Church Hall next door (still there) for PE and Scottish or Irish dancing. I believe I went there also for dancing classes after school?

Walking to the Swimming Baths and having to walk down an alleyway with a crowd of us thank G-d and having a man in a mackintosh expose himself to us. We laughed and laughed when we reached the end of the path !!

We also played Tennis there, I think or was it in the park and rounder's?

I lived at Henley’s Corner opposite the Express Dairies.

Does any of the above seem to match anything in anyone else's memories?

I suppose you know the school went ages ago and is now a block of flats.

Dorienne Carmel (nee Freedman)


Peter Collins (Finchley)

Hi, just by chance I found out on Google that you have an association for old Clarks College students.

My name is Peter Collins. I am 67 years old, retired and live in Bushey, Herts.

I started at the Finchley Branch in September 1955, and my first teacher was a Miss Chase. The class was in the 'Rotunder', which faced the garden.

I progressed through the years, did very well in both the Preliminary and Intermediate examinations, and was in the football and cricket teams.

In the Upper 5th, which was the Top Form, our teacher was a Mr. Bristow, who took us for Maths. He was brilliant! Mr. Savage was the Headteacher, and everyone was scared of him.

The cleverest boy in the school was called Christopher Hensler and the cleverest girl was called something like Diane Bazuner.

I took 'O' levels in 1960, and left the school in July of that year.

I still have the class photo taken in the garden, and one taken in the class, and would send them to anyone who was in my class who wanted to see them. I would love to know if there are any former class mates in your Association, and if there were, I would like to join, and meet them.

The last ten years of my working life, I worked in North Finchley, and often passed the site where the school was. When it closed down, a block of flats were built there.

Peter Collins


David J Evans (Finchley)

My name is David J. Evans and I am an Old Clarkonian.

I was a student at Clarks College, Ballards Lane, Finchley roughly from 1951 to 1955.

Mr Ansell Savage was the Head Master and I was in White House also I remember all the teachers mentioned by Mr Dudley Tann in fact Mr Gross taught me intricate mathematics.

Throughout my life I have followed the school motto and it has served me extremely well.

My father as a young man also attended another branch of Clarks College.

I am now retired and live with my wife in Kent and I send my regards to anyone who remembers me.

Thank you for your kind reply.

Please feel free to add my note to the Memoirs list. Unfortunately I do not know which branch of Clarks College my father attended. Originally I lived in Highgate (London) then went to Headcorn in Kent for some thirty years and finally moved to Kingsnorth near Ashford about sixteen years ago.

David Evans


Yvonne Katcher (Finchley)

I found you on the web site when researching my past. I used to attend in the early 60's Clark's College on Ballards Lane, Finchley. I was pleased to see that you had two pictures, one of the college and the other of 'the oak room' where I had many a lesson.

I wonder if you have any other photos of the school or indeed of the headmaster who at the time was Mr Savage. Also maybe some of the members of staff along with their names as apart from a Mrs Webb, Mrs Henchmore and Mr Pickering I don't remember. This will help with my family tree in which I am obviously including, for my children and grandchildren, details of the school I attended.

I would be most grateful of any information you might have of that time.

My maiden name at the time was Yvonne Katcher and I attended with my older sister, Angela.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yvonne Loucoloupos


Dudley Tann (Finchley)

Resident in Adelaide, Australia.

Thank you for your email.........In response......I attended Finchley from early 1951 until end of school year in 1954. Headmaster at that time was a Mr Ansell Savage. A rather tall and forbidding gentleman, who had a rather unfortunate crooked leg. This caused him to limp along at great speed and agility with the aid of a walking stick. It was when he stood upright that one became in awe of him. A teacher of maths who used his walking stick to point at an unsuspecting student to complete an equation on the blackboard yet, in spite of this rather forbidding description, Mr Savage was extraordinarily understanding and encouraging. You knew where you stood with him at all times.

Other teachers of that time.....Mr Greenwood who wore a different suit and pair of shoes EVERY DAY.....we think he was ex RAF with the accompanying Mustache. He taught English.........Miss Chase nemesis taught History.......Miss Con........French.....did we love Miss Con !.....Mr Gross......not sure what he taught but spent much of his time teaching the commercial students.......Mr Ashworth...Geography........and more who I fail to remember without some prompting.

Students.............lots....Colin Harris...Billy Gimmack....Colin Hazell.....Mick Langlands....Bob Howes......Harry Howes...Tom Howes....Alan Tinson....Peter Lawrence.. Girls...lots too......Leslie Dallimore...Anita Coburg....Elizabeth Gillett ( who became my bride at a later time)...Ann Hill....Rosslyn Tafler....Edna Rook.....and more.

My last year at school was as Head Boy and I still covet the cap and badge to this day. and netball all games played against other Clark Colleges, and we revelled in the coach trips to Brighton and other places.

I am still in touch with the Howes family, though my mate Bob died a couple of years ago.

That is it for now.....if you have any Australian email contacts that you might be prepared to offer I would be pleased to communicate with them.

Kind regards and congratulations on maintaining the links to the past

Dudley Tann


Nigel Valette (Finchley)

Peter Collins' contribution to your web site brought back many happy
memories of my time at Clarks College, Finchley, because Peter's name
triggered the memory banks from over 50 years ago.

At the time I lived Brookmans Park and could commute to school via various
transport providers including Green Line (nonstop), red buses and then
perhaps the Underground from Barnet to West Finchley. Would today's school
kids do that?

I am sure Peter and I were in the same year but not in the same class in our
final year at Clarks. We both played in the same football and cricket team,
I played in goal and opened the batting. Peter do you remember the following
- David Sayer, Colin Hargreaves, Peter Winfield, David Wolf, Rodney Herman
and I am sure there are others locked away in my memory bank that just need
a nudge for me to recall. Mr Bristowe was a great Maths teacher but others
also provided us with great education including Ken Rodwell, Miss Byerley
and Reverend Dowdes who I must have driven to madness with my NON Religious
Knowledge homework. Then of-course there was the headmaster, Ansell Savage,
a strong personality who did not suffer fools. I only crossed him once but
that taught me many lesson for the future. Great times, great teachers and
great friendships which were lost when I left Clarks, it would be nice to
re-establish some of those relationships.

I an approaching my 70th birthday and live on Hayling Island in Hampshire
where my family moved in 1964. I did A Levels at South Herts College of
Further Education in Barnet and then worked with Lloyds Bank until early
retirement. Currently I am involved with the Scout Movement in Havant having
held various appointments and currently I am running a Scout Group in Leigh

Nigel Valette


Mary Hintze (Finchley, to 1960)

My name is Mary Carr (Hintze) and I left in the Summer of 1960.

I decided to look up Clarks College and was surprised to find this website and even more surprised to recognise the name Peter Collins as we were in the same class.

I still have the photo of our class taken out in the garden as well as a photo of the other Upper 5th class but I do not have one taken in the classroom which I would like to have. I can still put names to most of them but am not in touch with anyone anymore probably because I have moved around the country a lot since leaving school.

Mr .Savage was very scary but he was very helpful to me on leaving school (he never could pronounce my surname correctly!)

I was really friendly with Wendy Pickless, Lynn Moore( who sadly died when she was only 36 ) & Ann Addison. Jaqueline Sole was Head Girl & John Fleetcroft was Head Boy.

I really liked my time at the school & was really sad to leave ....lots of good memories!

I retired as a Nursery school teacher 10 years ago and have spent a lot of time travelling since then especially to most of Australia as our son lives in Perth & we go out every year

I have been living in Sheringham, North Norfolk for 30 years. I met my husband, Malcolm, at Edinburgh University in January 1965 & we have been married for 46 years. We have 3 married children & 6 grandchildren

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Mary Carr


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