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John Smuts

I was fascinated to see that Clark's has a website, but not a mention of my old branch from Wood Green, London, N22.

I was a pupil there from 1958-1963 (I can't remember which house) and the address was 22 Stuart Crescent, Wood Green, London, N22. Oddly enough the photo of the Brixton Hill branch on your website looks just as I remember the Wood Green branch to have been like.

The school moved to a building in Enfield after I left and the old building demolished for the construction of a block of flats.

During my time there the headmaster was Mr. Scottney, followed by Miss Collins (English teacher). Other members of staff that I can remember were: Mr. Bligh (Geography), Mr. Howell (History), Mr. Cantellow (Maths - later head of another branch), Mr. Newby (Art), Mr. Anderson (Science), Mr. Raeburn (PT) and Mr. Prescott (French).

I hope this information will add usefully to your records.

John Smuts


Lesley Trusson

I joined the Wood Green branch of Clark's College in 1956 and left in 1960.

I was in Scott House

My name was Lesley Trusson (now Calame)

I can give you a list of some of the students I remember from the 50's.

Joan Northend, Lesley Fowler, Deirdre Barnard, Corinne Bird, Pamelia Chambers, Jennifer Shailer, Janice Large, Carole Lonergan, Gillian Heaps, Lesley Farthing, Lesley Portsmouth, Lesley Simpkins, Doreen Pursey, Norman James, Ian Andrews, Clive Brooks, Carole Neal.

The Head was Mr Scotney, Miss Joan Collins (English), Mr Blythe(Geog), Mr Muncey (Maths) Mr Prescott (French).

I'm sure I will remember more names in the future but at present these are the only ones to come to me, it was a long time ago after all!!

Lesley Calame (Trusson)


Ann Youatt

I am amazed to find that Clark’s have a website – I was just browsing when I came across it. I still have my school badge as illustrated underneath the menu.

I was at Wood Green, 22 Stuart Crescent I remember, from November 1947 to summer 1950. Mr A S Scotney was the headmaster, a gentle and understanding man. I remember Geoffrey Keen taught us French, he came to school on a bicycle from somewhere in Finchley and I often rode home with him until our routes parted. I lived in Woodside Park, North Finchley. There was a Mr Nesbitt who taught maths and a Mrs Gladwin (whose son was also at the school) who taught English I think.

We went up to Southgate playing fields to play netball, we just found our own way there and were not escorted in any way, so sometimes some of us who hated sports didn’t get there! No-one ever asked where we were.

Pupils I remember are Pamela Addison, Michael Sharp, Paddy Redman, Arthur Fricker, Marion Jago (whose parents ran a Dancing School), Dorothy Penny a girl with beautiful long plaits I seem to remember (whose parents ran the nearby pub). Jo Gold, Graham Wood are those that come first to mind. I remember the boys the best!! I was cruelly tormented and bullied by the girls and was very unhappy for a while. It was clear that the teachers knew what was going on but they did not intervene. Eventually Mr Scotney kindly talked to us all about treating one another with respect. I don’t think I was the only one to be bullied.

The playground was rough and gravelly, I think it had probably been a lawn when the building was residential. There was an unusual tulip tree in the playground which was, I believe, very unusual.

Ann Holloway (nee Youatt)


Shirley Roberts (1955 - 1960)

I have just found your website on Clark's College. If the following is of any use, please use what you think is appropriate:

My name is Shirley Roberts (now Palmer). I attended the Wood Green branch from Sept 1955 to 1960 starting in Form III (which was actually the first year for 11-12yr olds). I was in Nightingale House. I recall all fees were paid in guineas back at that time. Our uniform was mainly maroon in colour. I have whole school photos for the years 1956 and 1958 but sadly no photo of the school other than a bit of the rear view in the whole school shots.

Our school was in such an old house that parts of it were out of bounds for safety reasons. The dining facility was down in the basement and I recall it was dark, dingy and not really habitable, hence I took a packed lunch. Eventually around 1963 and after I had left, the school moved into newer premises in Enfield, taking over the old Bycullah School and the Wood Green premises were demolished. I have vivid memories of not being able to use the main front door as this was reserved for teachers and visitors, but many of us ran the gauntlet and did go out this way. However, there was usually a prefect on duty who would catch us and put our names into the “Black Book”. Sliding down the banisters was another crime as was being seen out without our headgear ie cap for the boys and beret for the girls.

We had no sports facilities at Wood Green – just a playground large enough to mark out a netball court but it was difficult to use as the outer edges were painted against the borders of the plot. Hence once a week the facilities at Broomfield Park, Palmers Green were hired for the girls and the boys went to Arnos Park. There were occasions when we used the facilities at Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace).

My class mates were 36 when I joined – 12 girls and 24 boys.
Girls: Joan Northend, Janice Large, Carol Lonergan, Carole Neale, Pamela Higgingbottom, Lesley Trusson, Lesley Fowler, Pamelia Chambers, Deidre Barnard, Corrine Bird and Jennifer Shailer and myself Shirley Roberts. Boys I have a list of but maybe a bit long to post here but I am still in contact with at least 6 people from my school days. During our second year (Form IV) we were joined by Stephanie Cooper, Sandra Posford and Pat Vardy.

Teachers I remember were Miss Joan Collins (English), Mr Muncy (Music), Mr Prescott (French), Mr Raeburn (Maths), Mr Bligh, known as Sid (Science) and Miss Da Silver (Commercial Form). Miss Clark the school secretary taught typewriting. Mr Norman Scotney was headmaster.

We were a very noisy class and probably gave all the teachers a headache. Miss Collins was continually slapping the boys and whacking the girls with a ruler to try to make us behave.

When we moved into Form IV we really made our mark: This was the form room used once a week for whole school assembly. It entailed the removal of lots of desks out onto the dilapidated balcony that was normally out of bounds, to make standing room for the rest of the school. Having removed the desks, our class decided to play a prank on Mr Muncie, who played piano for assembly, by filling the upright piano with our PE kit, cricket bats and tennis racquets. Once assembly started and Mr Scotney gave Mr Muncie the OK to play, the most awful noise came from the piano. He had a couple of goes but we had to continue with no piano accompaniment. After assembly Mr Scotney found our PE kit but stupidly we had forgotten it was all name tagged. We got detention every night for two weeks for that one!

During my last year in the Commercial Form I was Captain of the Girls Sports Team much to the distress of Miss Collins who took girls for PE and sport as I knew she didn’t approve of me.

About 7 years ago myself and Bill (Morrison) Greenwell from my year group, tracked down Norman Scotney and took him out to lunch. Norman was by that time 85yrs old but still not changed that much. We saw him in a different light and began to understand why he had seemed so odd as a headmaster. It turned out he was a Conscientious Objector during WW2 and to avoid prison he had firstly worked on the land and then was able to get a teaching job. This led to his eventually being employed at Clark’s. We had always known he was of the Quaker religion but out meeting with him put a lot of things into perspective. I am glad we did this because Norman died a couple of years after our meeting and then sadly Bill died almost 2 years ago. I am still in contact with Norman’s wife and Bill’s wife.

Lots more memories I could post if anyone is interested.

Shirley Palmer (nee Roberts)


Regarding former pupils at the Wood Green branch, I am happy to report that I am still in contact with five of them, after all these years. The only name on your site that I recognise from my own form year is that of Lesley Trusson (now Calame). If you are able to pass on my email address to her, it may jog her memory as she doesn't recall me in her notes. To remind her, during our first year at Clark's, Lesley sat at the desk behind me, next to Lesley Fowler. I sat next to Pamela Higginbottom, whom she also doesn't seem to recall.

I do have other amusing memories of my time at Clark's as I think our class was probably made up of quite a naughty lot and we did get up to some mischief and cause a little mayhem. Perhaps in a while I can send you some more of my memories. Also, when I first caught up with another class mate Bill (Morrison) Greenwell, about 15 years ago, we corresponded by email for a long time before we got around to meeting up. I took hard copies of our emails and Bill's emails contain lots of Clark's memories. Unfortunately Bill died two years ago and I am not sure how his memories could be put onto your site or whether you would be interested but it's food for thought for the future.

Shirley Palmer (nee Roberts)


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